The Firebird Package

I’m offering a transformative opportunity to enter into an awareness of the relationship between your body, your deep imagination & the cosmos, and how to create more of what you want with that awareness. 

This is an offering called the Firebird package: a three-month container that takes you on a journey into the areas of life that brings you into relationship with your pleasure, compassion, power, self-worth, creativity and integrity. With your astrological charts & the great old wisdom tales as guides, we draw on therapeutic storytelling, mythology, personal ceremonies, body work & sound healing to catalyze transformation within you. In the tales of old, the Firebird is a creature of mystery and beauty, a source of vitality that heroes will go on the quest of a lifetime to obtain. The sovereign of the tale comes into possession of a single luminous feather of the Firebird, and then, overcome by desire, won’t rest until they have the whole bird to themselves. In one famous slavic tale, a young prince rides the back of a grey wolf to find the Firebird. His quest unfolds into an odyssey of grief, desire, cunning & initiation.

The Firebird package is also an odyssey, but it’s not for everyone. It’s for those who are curious about how the world of mythic imagination can help them cognitively reframe their life circumstances and create more of what they want from the perspective of their deepest self. It’s for those who are curious about a fresh way of seeing, shaking up solidified views and dissolving the perception of what confines them. It’s for those who are willing to take responsibility for their experience rather than be told their fortune. It’s for those who intuitively know that this curiosity, self-responsibility and imagination, with the help of a caring container, will guide them into greater alignment.

The time-track of this package is five sessions over a period of three months.

We’ll use the first session to look at your astrological charts (it’s not only your natal chart; you have several!) and see what track aligns with your what you want for yourself right now in the context of your current life cycles. We accomplish this by looking at the core planetary forces that are activated for you in your current life stage. You may be in a Jupiter cycle, or a Saturn cycle, or a Uranus cycle, and each of these represents an invitation into a unique course of treatment, exploration & response. We’ll choose the path for you that best responds to the challenging aspects of your circumstances (both alleviating them and beautifying, or making art of them, in a “make lemonade out of lemons” style) and also helps you create more of what you want. This usually means that we choose a specific track of focus: 1) relationships & sex, 2) ancestral/intergenerational patterns, 3) self-expression & career, or 4)a deep dive into your personal astrological charts and how to navigate them. 

Many times in my one-on-one sessions, a spontaneous outside-the-box solution suddenly appears to a client who has faced a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. This takes on the magic of the Firebird’s feather: “how can we have more moments of awareness like that? How can we dissolve the perception of what’s confining us?” Poetic assessments of clients’ circumstances, too, take on the magic of the Firebird’s feather. I arrived at astrology through the path of storytelling, poetics & art. And I know that the stories others condition us to believe about who we are, from a very early age, place us under a kind of trance or spell. It takes magical, tricksterish, radically pleasurable forms of storytelling to break those spells. Astrological consultations with me are conversations that connect your present moment to the bigger picture, where we spin & weave the liberating stories that invite you into a more conscious relationship to your joy, your grief & your essential genius. 

What is your sacred & unruly process of unlearning the way stories about yourself have been programmed into you from others? I’m here to use these profound technologies of story to help you break those spells and bring you into a relationship with the deeper mythic story of your soul, and to assist you in your journey of awakening to the beauty & pleasure available to you in your life.  I want to help bring you into contact with your inner companions & guides through the labyrinths of cunning, grief, desire, pleasure, nourishment & rejuvenation. I want to bring you to a place of asking questions like: “what is this magic? how can I have more of it?”  while also helping you arrive at equilibrium & contentment within your present moment. These are extreme times, and we each incarnate into the extremity of the times we’re living in for a specific reason, with unique gifts. I want to motivate you into a deeper relationship with what you’re alive on this earth to do right now.

This work might be for you if:

*You are curious and imaginative, and willing to think outside the box. 

*You are willing to take responsibility for your own experience rather than seeing yourself as a victim of astrological influences.

*You’re willing to honor this agreement of curiosity, responsibility and imagination as the cornerstones of our work space together.

*You want to recognize the deepest, most profound, patterns, of mythic proportions, that are at play in your life. 

*You want to relate to these patterns consciously, reframe your perspective on them, or change them. 

*You want to feel connected to the realm of the invisibles, of the gods, in an ancient wisdom tradition. 

*You want a compassionate guide, medicinal stories, sound healing & somatic & visionary techniques to help you find your way through physical & emotional pain toward a place of alignment.


*You feel like the road is blocked and you’re seeking a map that helps you find an alternate route. 

*You want to tap into your birthright of self-expression to co-create more beauty and integrity in your life. 

*You want to inhabit your full wild creativity and shake things up with it.

I’m here to witness & share light with you throughout the transformation you experience as your quest for the Firebird unfolds. I invite you to join me for a 30 minute consultation call ($25) to explore any questions you may have and to gauge our chemistry & alignment.

Sessions are 2 hours each.

Price for the Firebird Package: Sliding Scale $1200-1825

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