I’m Nate. You may call me Nate, Nathaniel, or Firebird. I’m here to inspire, create and support your experience of beauty, play & ecstasy through sensuality, art & cosmic insight. Working with me is a transformative opportunity to enter an awareness of the relationship between your body, your deep imagination & the cosmos, and how to create more of what you want with that awareness. 

I work with individuals as well as groups, organizations & teams with the tools of storytelling, creative pleasure and archetypes, leading you toward the transformation & fulfillment you seek. Think of me as an alchemical troubadour, a friendly guide ready to witness, hold & shake you through the roads & stories of your soul. I use the holistic & visionary tools of astrology*, sound, storytelling, touch experiments, mythic image & vocalizing with the archetypes to motivate you to form creative responses to life’s challenges. When you’re in a working space with me, we put you in touch with your sense of pleasure, playfulness, creative desire & integrity. We work to make your various energetic centers–intellectual, emotional, creative/sexual & material—support each other.  You get to break trances & old spells of false limitation toward greater ease & freedom.

My background in performance art, experimental voice work, sound healing/vocal therapy, bodywork & mythopoetics shape my experiential approach to astrology and sacred erotic work. For years I have led therapeutic storytelling circles, in settings ranging from public schools to Rikers Island to the United Nations. Two key threads in my astrological practice include Astro-Erotics- a tool for using the chart to deepen into relationships & sexuality- and Ancestral Patterns in Astrology, a journey into the wounds, gifts, pleasure & pain of ancestry. 

I learned under the tutelage of master astrologer Montgomery Taylor, who I assisted in his programs at the C.G. Jung Institute. I hold a MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University and am an ongoing inquirer into the Wheel of Consent. In erotic spaces, I frequently collaborate with & assist Adam Bee in their Power/Pleasure workshops. I live and work in Brooklyn, where I am also the co-artistic director of Nekyia Theatre.